I started writing on Monday. by yesterday my word count info told me I would finish my book by 6th January! A bit late! So today I worked harder and now it should be finished by 20th December. It would be good to get it finished before Christmas but really want to meet the 30th November deadline and get another bragging certificate!

Nanowrimo progress

Day three and I have finally got going on my third Nanowrimo book. 1002 words so a few to go!


So, I need to get started on my third novel tomorrow with little thought given to what I will write. Having half the family for the weekend might not have been the best idea. May not get started until Tuesday. We’ll see. Have registered the title with Nanowrimo.

I am half-way through the writing course I began earlier in the year, had to stop to care for allotment and garden. Now harvesting is over and everywhere almost closed down for the winter months so looking forward to getting back to it.

Also considering writing a third Nanowrimo novel!

Writing Course

Have started first writing course courtesy of Amazon special offer. So far have discovered that my method of writing a novel (for nanowrimo) goes against all the rules! Nevertheless got 100% on first module, waiting to see how I get on with Module 2, found it a bit of a struggle to write a pitch for my proposed novel in one sentence. Could almost believe verbosity is my middle name.

First Novel

Life is very exciting! I will soon finish my own edit and proof reading my first novel before letting my son-in-law have a printed copy to do similar. I was interested to find that I fould far more bits I wanted to alter when I printed out a copy, pity it costs ink and paper when I try to be environmentally conscious. I do plan to publish it on Amazon Kindle when it is ready.


12th and now up to 10K – must write more! If I can write 2200 words each day I could do it. I wonder. Not sure whether I am actually writing a novel or just having fun putting words on paper. If it is a novel I think it will require a huge amount of editing. I keep forgetting names of husbands and ages of children etc. (In the novel I hasten to add, I only have one husband and can remember the names of my children and grandchildren too.)