12th and now up to 10K – must write more! If I can write 2200 words each day I could do it. I wonder. Not sure whether I am actually writing a novel or just having fun putting words on paper. If it is a novel I think it will require a huge amount of editing. I keep forgetting names of husbands and ages of children etc. (In the novel I hasten to add, I only have one husband and can remember the names of my children and grandchildren too.)



Day 2 late evening and I have just begun writing what may become a 50,000 word novel to be finished by 30th November. Mad or what? 330 words so far but now i am closing down – very tiring day and need to get a bit of rest.

Attic Gems

So, what have you found in your attic/shed/ cupboard under the stairs/garage that hadn’t seen light of day for years?  I have unearthed a couple of handwritten books, one is an exercise book which includes instructions on how to run a maidless house and the other is a recipe book which was started by my stepmother (born 1905)’s grandmother.  I thought I would write up some of the contents which may prove to be interesting or amusing to you.  Is this something that you would like to read?  Let me know.

4 Days Away

I have just returned home after four days away in the Cotswolds staying with my daughter.

Gosh, it was cold. I was totally unprepared and wore nearly everything all the time.

We visited the Forest of Dean. It is just so beautiful there and as I was not in a hurry could drink in all the green as though I was parched and needed all the beauty to quench my thirst. It is easy to feel the calming influence of nature here; all my tensions melted away and it was easy to be rather than do. Easy too to imagine helpful beings living unseen in these beautiful surroundings where man has little influence apart from having cut roads.

Here is sheep are beginning to increase in number again after being unmercifully slaughtered in the foot and mouth scare.

Did they stop and think about the consequences of their actions? The Forest sheep knew their land in their bones and foraged peacefully for years, keeping the bracken under control and so allowing the trees to grow. No sheep meant a proliferation of bracken. More bracken meant a problem for the woodsmen of the Forest.

At last there is hope that the new sheep are beginning to become a part of the woodland culture so that all will be well again – if man can stop interfering.

Well, I fully intended writing more about being away but I seem to have drifted onto my soapbox!

I was home in time to visit the local Farmers’ Market and buy apples but no eggs; I was too late for those.

I found lots of vegetables to pick at home. Neighbours were invited to help themselves while I was away but I am beginning to wonder if most people are so used to buying vegetables in plastic bags they don’t know what to do with the real things on their plants. We have had very generous helpings of runner beans for supper. There is a small mountain of French beans which will be dealt with tomorrow. I picked almost 2lbs of raspberries which are now eaten or frozen. I also harvested tomatoes, courgettes, lettuce, a few late strawberries, carrots in readiness for tomorrow’s lunch and two marrows. It is good to be home.

Three letters?

Having recently sold a second car I was bemused to receive
three letters on the same from my insurance company.  One thanked me for letting them know I had
sold the car and that a sum of money equal to the balance of my premium would
be credited to my account.  The second
thanked me for letting them know I had sold the car and that a sum of money
equal to the balance on their rescue package would be credited to my
account.  The third stated that a sum of
money (slightly more than the sum of the amounts in the first two letters)
would be credited to my account shortly.

Three letters!  Would
it be impossible for there to be just one letter encompassing the whole?  We are encouraged to be conscious of the
amount of paper we use (not to mention the envelopes).

On a positive note it must be good for the postal service.  On the other hand, surely our premiums must
rise again to meet the cost?

The garden and the allotment have been winning my time recently so that despite enthusiastically joining both twitter and creating a blog I have made little time to make best use of either. Tomorrow evening husband will be out and I will be sitting at the computer writing another short story or possibly editing an existing one. I’ll let you know how I’m getting on.

Just at the moment I have no idea what my next story will be about but as soon as I sit down with the intention to write one appears. Have not yet shared a story with anyone else as I have only been writing poetry during the last number of years. When I was teaching I often used to make up stories to teach a moral lesson to the children (aged between 7 and 11). They seemed to enjoy them, usually not knowing that there was a specific reason behind the tale, I hoped that the message would sink in and sometimes behaviour changed for the better.

Haiku re Norway

I began a blog this morning and asked it to go iinto the Draft folder as I needed to go out. Can’t find draft folder at the moment! However what I wanted to say was that I felt moved to write a Haiku poem on Saturday morning which I sent as a tweet. I was disappointed that the line format was lost and so have decided to send it in a blog instead to see if it looks better.

Norway weeps to-day
Dignified in their grief they
Show the world the way